Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New York City is a good city to go to when you love someone who loves New York City. I'm relatively certain that's a song lyric, so there's no sense dwelling on it. In it. Though 8,008,278 do. And they all know where the light needs to be in order to walk around naked. I had hoped they would include that in the dweller's welcome packet. You see, my knowledge of your runofthemill city nudity is extremely limited. Or maybe you don't. Are you indoors too? I think that makes a difference.

There was a time when I was looking for a job. Then there was a time when I had a job. But this was to be a temporary situation. For I am looking for a job again. Looking for a job is like being the world's worst treasure hunter. I'm relatively certain that goes for anyone looking for a job, so I try not to worry too much over all the X's. Besides, I've seen the Goonies enough times to know how this all works out.

I have things you can buy if you are into buying things. First, a collection of dinosaur related poems written in collaboration with Friedrich Kerksieck and called, "FOSSIL," is available here. Second, a chapbook called, "BASTARDS," edited by Aaron McNally, is available here. I like these things very much, I hope you like them too.

Have you ever listened to Lou Reed's "Live in Italy?" Even though he sings, "and the colored girls go..." Nobody goes. I mean, Lou Reed goes a little bit, but for the most part...nothing.

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